Coolest thing you're gonna hear about today if not this week.

Black Hole Picture Revealed for the First Time

Astronomers at last have captured an image of the darkest entities in the cosmos.

The New York Times: First-Ever Picture of a Black Hole Is Revealed.

@smoraesmaster The only reason I know who she is is because I saw a video of her opening her mouth and a legit tarantula came out. The spider-loving group I was in was pissed about the mistreatment lol

Just learned of the existence of Billie Eilish. Am I getting old? Am I behind times?

Third day in a row with nice weather. Fully expecting a blizzard tomorrow.

It's finally sunny and warm around here.
I just took a 2-hour "nap" in the middle of the day.

Interesting article about how organizations should do better needs-analizes before jumping into the new-technology bandwagon.

Here's a screenshot of the image you might see when trying to follow someone from another server. The field you see on the image is where you insert your full handle. 😀

Friendly tip: When trying to follow folks from other servers so that you can see their posts in our private server, click on "Follow" on their profile and then enter your full handle. It should look something like this:

Currently working on connecting to other servers so that we can see their toots on our Federated Timeline. Let me know if there are any servers you're particularly keen about.


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