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We adhere to the Mastdodon.social Code of Conduct and follow the Toot Café list of blocked instances. Sergio is the admin.


  • No advertising or excessive promotion
  • No bots, unless they're cute, funny, or useful. Bots should avoid posting to the public timeline.
  • No pornography, nudity, or something that would be considered "NSFW" in a U.S. workplace, even behind a NSFW warning.
  • No gore or graphic violence
  • Content that is borderline NSFW or could be construed as NSFW at a glance should be put behind a CW (Content Warning)
  • No racism
  • No sexism
  • No discrimination based on gender, sexual minority, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), or national origin
  • No xenophobia or violent nationalism
  • No sexual depictions of children
  • No holocaust denialism, Nazi symbolism, promotion of National Socialism, or anything that is illegal in the European Union
  • No stalking or harassment
  • No fake accounts, even celebrity joke accounts. Note this rule does not necessarily apply to remote accounts.
  • No "follow bots." We block these and our instance is on a "no bots" list.

Handling harassment

If you are being harassed, please report the user using the "…" button and then "Report." For urgent concerns, please DM a moderator.

If you engage in harassing behavior, the moderator may take any action they deem appropriate, such as a warning or an expulsion.

The above rules may change at any time, and you may be banned at any time based on the moderators' judgment.

Blocked Instances

You can find a list of our blocked instances in the following page: Toot Café list of blocked instances